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Dear Doctor Abe,

This is Steven C. I would like to thank you for all your time and hard work just to make me a working and comfortable pair of contact lenses to wear overnight. Thanks to your effort, I can now see very clear every single day, and can enjoy my life :)! Thank you very much!

Happy Thanksgiving! Steven C.


October 4, 2009

I have been an ortho-k patient for over a few years now, and my experience with these lenses has been very satisfying. They are a wonderful alternative to wearing glasses or regular contacts. If you dislike wearing corrective lenses during the day, and are not sure if you want to try laser surgery yet, I recommend giving ortho-k a try. If you are looking for an eye doctor in the Bay Area, I suggest Kraig Abe from Cupertino. He introduced me to ortho-k contacts and is very knowledgeable in the field of eye care.

-Michael N


I have gone to three optometrist since I have lived in the bay area and I don't know how many since I have been wearing glasses and Dr Abe is hands down the best one I have ever gone to.

His staff is extremely nice and very helpful, they make you feel welcome and do a good job.

For as long as I have been wearing contacts visions for my left eye has always been a little out of focus, Dr Abe was able to find a pair of contacts that worked and now I see clearer then I have ever have before.

I will definitely recommend and refer all of my friends that wears glasses or contacts to come here.

andre l.
Sunnyvale, CA


I've been going to Dr. Abe for about 6 years now... I referred Summit. I've always enjoyed their thoroughness and attention to details. They are extremely courteous and professional.

They are by appointment and are usually easy to make unless it's the end of the year when all the procrastinators, including my wife, decide to make their appointments. I schedule her appoints for her now. I make my appointment around my birthday just to remember. They do occasionally scheduled Saturday appoints. I believe it's one Saturday per month.

They definitely do a great job with your concerns and have great equipment to back it. The last time I was in there, Dr purchased a new machine to take a picture of your eyeball to see if there is any signs of macular degeneration.

I originally came into Dr. Abe's office with glasses, since I had a few bad experiences with contacts. He really took his time and allowed me to try 4-5 brands of contacts until I found one I really liked. I also shopped their prices for contact lenses and found my prescription to be the exact same price as if I got it from 1800contacts, so I will continue to order from them directly.

Andrew T.
Sunnyvale, CA


I came here about three or four years ago. My friend worked across the street and highly recommended Dr. Abe. At the time, my contacts were really irritating, and I had been switching optometrists every year because most of them didn't seem like what they were doing.

Dr Abe is really professional. They have newer equipment, plenty of gadgets, and most importantly they will listen to your concerns. Also Dr. Abe is very thorough and the place is very clean. It's a very pleasant experience. Yoko will take care of all your administrative needs, including billing, ordering contacts, etc.

By the way I switched contacts and solutions; my eyes are a lot less irritated. I can feel the difference and see better. Apparently other optometrists weren't able to par up.

I'll be coming here every year for my annual eye exam and any other visual needs in the foreSEEable future.... ok that was corny....

Summit S.
Los Angeles, CA


April 16, 2014

Night time contacts are very effective and work perfectly for me because I only need to wear them at night. During the daytime I can see clearly without the trouble of wearing any contacts or glasses.

Jeffrey A.
Pleasanton, CA


Dr. Abeのおかげで目がとてもよく見えて安心になりました。スポーツをする時にめがねをかけなくていいのでとても楽です。

Michelle A.
Pleasanton, CA


Selena Y. (6-years old)
Sunnyvale, CA


I have been using Ortho-K lenses for over one year and they make life much easier for me. Before getting my Ortho-K lenses, my vision was at around -4.50. Now, with Ortho-K I can see every day without glasses. I play tennis and with these night contacts, there is nothing bothering me during the day. I no longer need to worry about my glasses slipping down my nose, or day contacts moving around in my eyes.

My daughter Carol plays tennis. She used to wear glasses, and the glasses bothered her so much during her tennis matches, she had to keep pushing it up on her nose. I brought some strings to tie her glasses to her head, but it didn't help much either. After she wears Ortho-K nightly correcting lenses, she is worry-free whenever she plays tennis, and it's a great relief to me too. And her eye degree has stopped getting worse. I am so happy that Dr. Abe did this for her.

Carol L. and her mother
Cupertino, CA


I've been using ortho k lenses for over 5 years and it's like having 20/20 vision without the hassle of glasses or the dryness of soft lenses. I also never have to worry about my lenses popping out while playing sports. I went from hating my vision to lovingly vision. Thanks.

Catherine T.
Saratoga, CA


I can see so clear now without glasses! Even if it's a little hard to put the lenses on my eyes, it's worth it. Now I can see the board very clearly, I don't have to squint. My vision is getting better and better! Now I learned to put in and take out the lenses, I can do it myself at night and in the morning.

Ashley C. (8-years old)
San Jose, CA


I've been using ortho-k lenses for a few years now, and I've had a pleasant experience with them. Although it's difficult to get accustomed to them at first, the time investment is worthwhile. Overall, the lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses. ​

Kostya S.
San Ramon, CA


I really like the lenses.They make my vision so much better. The only bad thing is I can't itch my eyes​.They are way better than glasses. That is my feeling. ​

Liza S.
San Ramon, CA


After spent days in reading and comparing OrthoK doctors available in San Francisco Bay Area, my wife and I decided to go with Dr. Abe for our two children (7th and 4th graders). We have been absolutely happy with every services received from Dr. Abe and his office. Beside his superior professional skills and knowledge, Dr. Abe and his staff are keen in considering the needs of my family to deliver excellent personalized service. Dr. Abe made special arrangements for us to do follow-up appointments at Saturdays once he knew that we are from the North Bay. Dr. Abe ordered the 2nd lenses for my 7th grader just to fit her eyeballs better. Dr. Abe is absolutely generous in his resources to make the best experiences possible for us. My kids gained trust and confidence in his service at the very first visit, and are completely satisfied with the service received and enjoy the interaction with Dr. Abe. After a while, I realized the OrthoK could be a quite tough task for any kid. With the excellent service and experience from Dr. Abe, it becomes a straightforward business for my kids. We are lucky to have Dr. Abe. Cheers, Jay

Jay L.
Kentfield (Marin County), CA


I’ve been using Ortho-K for several years, and I would recommend it to students and swimmers! As a year-round competitive swimmer and a lifeguard, my vision in the pool is very clear when I use Ortho-K. I don’t have to worry about using prescription goggles or losing day-time contacts in the pool. Before I started using Ortho-K, I wore glasses all the time, and even then my vision wasn’t completely clear. Every year, I had to order new prescriptions, but stronger-prescription glasses made me dizzy when I used them for extended periods of time. At school, I needed to sit in the front seat to see the board, but even then I had times when I couldn’t see the teacher’s notes on the board or projector. After switching to Ortho-K, I’ve had no problem seeing the board or swimming in the pool. As a senior in high school, I can say that Ortho-K has made my high school experience enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Abe!

San Jose, CA


I have been using glasses since I was in 1st grade, and I started using Ortho-K from Dr. Abe in 4th grade. Now, as an 8th grader, it has been a wonderful experience using them. I do many sports, such as swimming, cross-country, track and field, and volleyball. There is no worry that the ball would hit my face during volleyball and crack my glasses. Even if I had regular contacts on, then it might pop or dry out and affect my eyesight. When I do swimming, we have to look at a clock to read the intervals for the sets, and I have no problem seeing the clock compared to when I did not use Ortho-K. Basically, everything became easier for me. There are no worries nor pain with using Ortho-K, except it can sometimes be hard to find your contacts when you drop them when you're putting them on or off. Thank you Dr. Abe for providing me these wonderful contact lenses.

Yuuki O.
San Jose, CA


July 3, 2014

I feel great about Ortho-K; It's completely painless! The night option makes it a complete simple optometry tool. It's also a simple routine. It makes vision better for the day. And, the first vision improvement is only in about two days....

Jocelyn H. (7-years old)
Campbell, CA


July 12, 2014

It was a big shock to me when my 6 year old son, Rithvik, was diagnosed shortsighted (Myopic) with -3.5 diopters. I wasn't able to imagine him wearing thick eye glasses, and the doctor told me that there is high chance that it would increase further as the years go by (It was the case with one of my friend's daughter), and told me that there is new technology called "Ortho-k" or "night time contact lens" which will stop increasing myopia, corrects the eye sight (eye ball) during the night and free to go with clear sight during the day without wearing eye glasses or contact lenses, but it is expensive. I decided to explore it further, and any other options. One of my friends said, Rithvik can try eye Yoga / eye exercises which might bring back his clear vision. I and my wife sat with him for next few days to make him do eye exercises, but quickly found that he is too young to do this, and decided to try it after few years. Next few weeks, I was reading a lot about Ortho-K on the internet, what it is, how it works, and what is the success rate. It has all the pros, no need to wear the lens during the day, stops increasing myopia. Biggest con is, Ortho-K lenses are expensive, initial lens and daily maintenance. Your kid's eye sight vs expense, what is important for you? I had decided to go for Ortho-K. Next thing is to decide on the Ortho-K provider. I went through websites of Ortho-K lens manufacturers (Paragon, Bausch etc), and list of certified/trained providers, and I see Dr. Abe on all those lists. After reading about his credentials, I called Dr. Abe's office and setup an appointment for Ortho-K evaluation. Dr. Abe made it clear that not everyone would be a candidate for Ortho-K, it depends on shape of the eye etc. During our first visit, Dr. Abe clearly explained what is Ortho-K, how it works, how the lenses will be custom designed to the candidate's eye shape, and the maintenance involved. After re-evaluation of shortsightedness , and confirming it, Dr. Abe took pictures of Rithvik's eyes and confirmed that he is a good candidate for Ortho-K. I and Rithvik found that Dr. Abe is cheerful and fun to talk. Rithvik was really amused (while I am not) of this process of taking eye pictures, and he was so happy that Dr. Abe let him touch and learn about the equipment being used, and curious about seeing eye maps on the computer. While Rithvik is a shy guy most of the time, he was so comfortable at Dr. Abe's office. It was clear that Dr. Abe knows how to mix fun with professionalism. After the evaluation, Dr. Abe informed me about the options, i.e. either to go with normal eyeglasses, or Ortho-K. At that time, it seems he was inclined towards eyeglasses as Rithvik is only six years old and may not be comfortable wearing hard contact lenses. He suggested that Rithvik can go with eyeglasses for next six months or a year, then re-evaluate myopia level, and decide whether to go for Ortho-K, said it is up to me to decide before entering the contract for Ortho-K. It was clear that Dr. Abe was NOT trying to sell this expensive service to me, instead giving me options, I know I came to right place. My next question to Dr. Abe was what if the shortsightedness increases by next six months or year if I go with eyeglasses? As it is already -3.5 diopters, I want to stop it at this level if I could. So I am more inclined towards Ortho-K lenses. Next I asked are there any of his Ortho-K patients who are as young as Rithvik, and the answer was YES, one 7 year old patient, doing OK. With that I decided to go for Ortho-K. The custom designed lenses were ready after two weeks, and we were asked to visit Dr .Abe's office to get training on how to put lenses before going to bed, and took off lenses in the morning, how to clean them etc. Since then, Rithvik is wearing Ortho-K lenses (almost about a year), tells me that he can see things clearly and happy about not wearing glasses to the school. Though Rithvik complained about discomfort a few times, it was never hard and he was mostly OK with few extra drops of cushioning eye drops (Celluvisc). Dr. Abe saw Rithvik at regular intervals to monitor the progress, and so far the lenses are working as expected. Not to mention, it was more of a fun for Rithvik to visit Dr. Abe's office and going through eye mapping. Kudos to Ortho-K technology and, many thanks to Dr. Abe for his exceptional service. ​

Srinivasu V.
Cupertino, CA


August 3, 2014

I can't thank Dr. Abe enough for his recommendation to get Ortho K. I got the lenses 7 years ago and I haven't had to purchase another pair of lens since. Unbelievably, my vision improved and has been stable since! It was only 7 years ago when I got it and Dr. Abe was really patient with me as he sat with me helping me for several hours to help me practice placing them in my eyes. I have been very pleased with the results and it is so convenient because I can go swimming and I do not have to worry about my contact lens falling out! My entire family goes to Dr. Abe and he has also helped my younger sister who has many vision problems. His office staff is also very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable as well. My family always recommends Dr. Abe to our friends

Gavin W.
Cupertino, CA


August 14, 2014

I've been using Ortho-K for over 2 years and I enjoy having 20/20 vision without having to wear glasses. It used to be a hassle to wear glasses, especially because I was prone to losing them at school. Now with the contact lenses, I do not have to worry about losing my glasses, yet I still have 20/20 vision. Thank you Dr. Abe for helping me with my Ortho-K lenses!

Austin L.
San Jose, CA


September 21, 2014

I found Dr. Abe through my friend. They had a very good experience with Dr. Abe and so did we. Dr. Abe is very patient and professional with my daughter. He went extra miles for my daughter to make sure she gets the precise and perfect fit. Since my daughter starts wearing the hard contact lens, her vision has improved dramatically. She no longer needs glasses in the day time. I am so happy that we found Dr. Abe. I will definitely recommend Dr. Abe to my friends.

Yuan T.
Sunnyvale, CA


March 13, 2015

Dr. Abe is a true blessing for my son. My son was first introduced to Ortho K by a different doctor. Unfortunately the vision was very unstable, and he was not seeing things clearly. We found Dr. Abe from on line site with many raving reviews. Indeed these reviews were true! It has been two years since we met Dr. Abe. Dr. Abe is patient, gentle, and caring with vast knowledge and experience of Ortho K. Also he is extremely diligent and keen seeing changes of my son's eye sight. My son came from 800 before we met Dr. Abe, now he is seeing at 20/20. We can never thank enough for all the extra miles Dr. Abe took to help my son gain the ability to see well. We are truly grateful and will recommend Dr. Abe highly to anyone! Thank you, Dr. Abe!

Sieun and Jun
Cupertino, CA


March 17, 2015

I have been wearing night lenses for 2 years now and I have been enjoying it a lot. During P.E. and when I do sports, it is hard to play wearing glasses. They could fall down when I am running fast and they could move around a lot making it hard to see. With night lenses I don't have to worry about things falling and stopping me from playing. It has been easier to see the board and my vision has not increased since I have been wearing night lenses. With night lenses, I can see clearly and easily without having to struggle. Night lenses has benefited me a lot.

Anjali S.
Cupertino, CA


March 18, 2015

バスケットボールや野球が大好きな息子が、ある日、野球の帰りに゛ボールがよく見えなくて、上手くキャッチ出来なかった゛と話しだしました。視力が落ちていることは分かっていましたが、眼鏡をつけてスポーツするわけにもいかず、どうしたものかと悩んでいましたが、お友達が試して良かったと話していたオルソKを息子にも試してみることにしました。 初めてのコンタクトレンズで、上手く使えるのか、嫌がらないかと不安はありましたが、特に問題なく装着でき、一週間後の検診では、0.2だった視力が、1.2まで見えるようになっていて、親子共々本当に驚きました。 今では、野球の試合が夕暮れ時になっても、ちゃんとボールが見えるようになり、自信を持って野球をする息子をみて、本当に嬉しくおもいます。

Mari N. (mother)
Sunnyvale, CA


March 29, 2015

I strongly recommend using Ortho-K eye contacts because it gives you clear vision and you can run around or swim without the fear of losing and breaking your glasses. Also you can do any sports with clear eyesight. I think your eyes will enjoy the freedom of clear vision a lot more using Ortho-K contact lens. I love it everyday and I've been using it for almost a year now. It's easy to use and after a few months of using with mom's help, I started to learn how to put in the contacts on my own, and now, I can do it on my own without any problems. I love not wearing glasses!

Audrey L. (10-years old)
Dublin, CA


March 29, 2015

I had been going to another optometrist for over 6 years when I had experienced an utterly outright dishonest diagnosis for my daughter's eyeglass prescription for probably financial reasons. In my search for an honest, experienced optometrist, I was referred to Dr. Abe by a friend and was introduced to Ortho-K for the first time and I couldn't believe all the benefits of Ortho-K contacts. Ortho-K definitely changed my daughter's lifestyle. She loves doing activities without wearing glasses, enjoys having 20/20 vision everyday, and loves looking great without wearing glasses. More importantly, I couldn't believe how thorough and detailed Dr. Abe was with my daughter as he was examining her for our first appointment. Dr. Abe is definitely one of the best optometrists that I have met in my life. We are very thankful that we came to know Dr. Abe, someone that we can trust completely and gives us an extreme care.

Sarah L. (grateful mom)
Dublin, CA


June 9, 2015

I have been using Ortho-K for almost a year now. I love it and it is SO MUCH better than wearing glasses. After wearing glasses for 3 years, my eyesight was a lot worse than it was when I started wearing glasses. However, Ortho-K has maintained my eyesight at the same level throughout this entire year. Dr. Abe is a great optometrist and provides extensive and diligent care for the patients, especially for the entire Ortho-K process. I would definitely recommend his clinic.

Sunnyvale, CA


June 27, 2015

I have been struggling with nearsightedness since early elementary school. My diopter was rapidly increasing, and every few months I had a change in prescription. After a year of eye therapy and wearing bifocals, it was still hard for me to see, and my glasses were sometimes inefficient to see the board in school. It was especially hard to swim and play tennis. When I was ten years old, Dr. Abe recommended Ortho-K contact lenses for me. It was really easy for me to get used to them and learn how to take care of them. Since they are worn during the night when I sleep, I don’t have to worry about them falling out during the day in school. Within two weeks, my power was stabilized and I could see perfectly clear as long as I wore them every night. I would highly recommend Dr. Abe and Ortho-K contacts. They have been working for me for three years now, and I am very grateful that I can see clearly. I am also very happy with Dr. Abe’s care, since I have been able to see without the burden of glasses or day contacts. It feels almost as if I never had the vision problem. Thank you!

Nellie T. (13-years old)
San Jose, CA


September 24, 2015

 日本では、ナイトコンタクトの存在はほとんど知られていないので、アメリカに来て間もないときに聞いたときは、子供が装着することへの安全性やお手入れの手間などのことが心配でした。  しかし、2〜3人の友達が使い始めたことを聞いて、今回思い切って12歳の息子に試してみました。  たった2日装着しただけで、それぞれ0.1だった視力が 0.5に、両目では0.8になり、今までかけていたメガネが合わず、その効果にびっくりしました。10日後の検査では、それぞれ1.0、両目で1.2となり、その矯正力に驚きです。メガネなしに授業を受けられ、テニスや水泳を思いっきりできるようになり、とても喜んでいます。  また、お手入れが自分でできるのか心配で3日間ほど見守っていましたが、すぐに慣れて、時間もかからず取り外しできるようになりました。寝ている間に目をこすったりして目に傷がつかないのかもとても心配していましたが、今のところ特に問題はないようです。装着に少し違和感はあるようですが、痛みは全くないので、すぐに眠りにつけ、毎晩ぐっすり眠れているようです。

Kaori M.
Palo Alto, CA


November 14, 2017

I have been seeing Dr. Abe for over a decade and while I have always liked his attention to detail, it was when I became a parent that I gained a greater appreciation of his skills. My child's eyesight was deteriorating at an alarming rate. And while I was uncomfortable with the idea of contact lenses, but Dr. Abe's materials showing the research was compelling. I had heard from other parents that the finding the right fit could be difficult. Not a problem with Dr. Abe. I worried that my eight year child would be too young to understand. Dr. Abe was able explain clearly and effectively what was going on to my boy. He & his fantastic staff are wonderfully patient. My child is currently able do everything himself, from inserting & removing lenses & cleaning them. Our experience with ortho-k has been fabulous!

Patty T.
San Jose, CA


March 23, 2018

My 9 year old son was comfortable in the lenses in less than 2 weeks! The results have been better than we expected. His both eyes are already 20/20 vision after one month's ortho-k treatment. A big thank you to Dr. Abe and his staff. Your service and care for your clients is second to none. We have recommended Dr. Abe to our friends!

Mike K.
Cupertino, CA


August 27, 2018

Dr. Abe is the most patient, thorough, and knowledgeable optometrist I have ever had. Any time we have questions, he carefully explains everything to my mom and I, making sure that we understand. One time he even helped me go over the different parts of the eye and their functions for my upcoming biology test. With my previous doctors, whenever I got a new pair of hard contacts, they would be very uncomfortable and took months for me to adjust. However, with Dr. Abe, he did multiple eye exams very carefully, taking into special consideration about my eye astigmatism, and ordered contacts for me that felt comfortable immediately. The contacts even had little black dots on them to help him measure my astigmatism more efficiently. In addition, when I accidentally broke my contact before, he immediately rushed to get another pair as quickly as he could, and I received them a few days after, which was far beyond what we asked. Recently, I also developed a stye on my left eye that lasted for far longer than expected. When we went to ask him about it, he gave us the best advice he could, but in addition to that, he took to the trouble of contacting an eyelid specialist to receive extra advice, and got back to us, once again, in a few days. I think that he is an extremely caring doctor who is very responsible and goes way beyond the patient’s expectations.

Angela G.
San Jose, CA

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